Crystal Decadenz (2006​-​09)

by Crystal Decadenz

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This album was written from 2006 to 2009, with a 4 track and/or audacity. It was written and recorded entirely by the sole artist Laura Cooper. All rights reserved. You have the right to remain silent.

What people have said about Crystal Decadenz:

"the voice, cello and guitar are propulsive and lovely; public worthy. I especially enjoy the way the cello (it's a cello, right?) stays in back and provides sweet shading." ("Crystal Decadenz")

"terrific song." ("Crystal Decadenz")

"This is sweet...the bass has a nice rolling drive to it and your chord choices on guitar are great! For me, it has a nice jazzy punk feel. Keep it up!" ("Crystal Decadenz")

"You have a very distinctive use of vibrato that I quite like. It's sort of what Bob Marley used to do, but without the tone modulations, just the wailing. In the first verse is more noticeable, the second one is closer to a normal vibrato.

The breaks and the changes always come in unexpected places and go in unforeseeable directions and I quite like that as well. Is refreshing to hear someone playing what they want to play instead of trying to adhere to regular song structures. Kudos for that." ("Heaven.")

"It would be easy for an electric guitar and voice track to be boring but this was really nice. I dig the playing and the message. The vocals go from being very subdued to a bit short of Broadway. Not sure if you played the guitar but there was no slacking there either." ("Counsellors Don't Lie")

"So I just listen to your music and I actually really like it! You sing really well! very unique and indie voice"


released July 30, 2009



all rights reserved


Crystal Decadenz Richmond, Virginia

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Track Name: Counsellors Don't Lie
Believe me when I say I’ve been the nth counselled
So it would be hard to say I was the first to come out like that you know
Look alive for your cousellor who sees you with crystal eyes
Do you ever hear about the things they do he says that’s right
Thinking of things to do with you
Cause you’re such a bright person who could say no
Look alive for your counsellor, look into his eyes

Now if you strategize you could look out for yourself
When you stand up for yourself what could go wrong?
And look to your counsellor’s eyes while you strategize
And when it looks like you won’t get what you need this time, say this:
”Did you ever notice the soft focus?
Did you ever visit that exhibition?
Well those weren’t made in a day, but like they say
I have to make the world mine
I try all the time”
And he’ll know you know, he’ll know you know

So in the heat of the moment he’s made you say
That you really feel fine
Do you ever feel the one who hate keeps you alive?
Your counsellor says you’re well now,
He can see it in your eyes
And counsellors don’t lie, counsellors don’t lie

You’ve gone wrong now so what, run to another one
You ambitious thing, it’s easy to avoid the eyes of a false person
And you go back everyday cause you hope for a lot
But believe me when I say it’s hard to talk your way up
It’s the holiday (we did)
It’s the people (we wanted)
It’s the things that we knew
The way that we do the things we want to
Track Name: Dullest Little Girl
Weird little girl
Don't want to be the dullest little girl
Weird little girl
Don't you know to be half a girl
In this burnt-out world
Is such a goddamn minefield

This lie is someone's life
Why do they all turn away when he speaks
Those who don't know themselves
Get trapped in a frightening thing
Not knowing, just philosophizing
They get angry, so what?

Asleep on the stairs
Sliding around on the floor
Weird little girl
Don't you know it's an elitist world
On the inside
But from the outside
Those on the borderline
Look more protected than they really are
From others
But they're not safe from themselves

"What a shallow young thing she is,"
Then they laugh for a minute
Because being alone makes one act really out there
It's just like an image
Born onto blurry film
The she'd walk out to the car
Track Name: Natalie, I Never Knew
Isn't all talk just childish? Isn't all talk just childish?

Natalie I never knew you were such an artiste
With someone like that I can't even begin
You don't know me but Natalie be open

Natalie I never saw all the things that you are
I never knew about you
You don't think so but sometimes you need more

You're so wonderfully artiste
They say yes to the best
You have it made, but you're just like all the rest

Doesn't it make you feel childish? Doesn't it make you feel childish?

Natalie I never thought you'd have to try very hard
Cause someone like that gets the best deals by far
You don't know any better, it could get a lot worse

I walk around by myself and listen to all the talk
Do they hear anything, no
You think you're so big
You should have learned how to fall

Does living in the shapeless art world scare you at all?
Does it thrill you?
Breaking in your visual senses
Will you walk with a shameless tilt
Around artists like you, you'll never be so alone

And doesn't it make our lilts feel childish
When they degrade us for our transient fills
But they were so real to us then!
What's real to you? And who says?
My best friends.

Come as you will, Natalie, come as you will

Natalie I think you know how to break all the rules
If you say so well you know what to do
You don't notice
But they break you too

I looked at you and it all came rushing in
Hey I never knew one thing
You don't know me but Natalie your life is wide open

Because when that thing spins you
There's no going back
And who says?
My best friends.
Track Name: Winter Sun
What now
Sometimes they come around
Where are we now
Sometimes they melt down
Winter sun
Doesn't cherish the shape it's in
Just stay as one

Don't idealize it when you're shadowed
The bus passed and cast a shadow over me
David got different and then he left town

Why don't they see when they're in the hollows
David won't notice when he gets shallow
Why should he work in the galleries?
Don't ask me where David goes
I used to think I would know, yes I did

What's it like
When you don't have to worry anymore
What could coat your mind
When you kick down a stranger's door
And he knocks you over
Cause he can see through you
Falling onto his shoulder

He says it's not fair but it's good to know
When you're older
What could coat your mind
David gets different after he tells his stories
He won't notice when he gets boring
Why don't they think they can live out their stories
Even if it's only about boys and cocaine
Track Name: Serious Christina
Bleak Christina, senorita
She reads a book like she doesn't mean it
Empty Christina, where did we meet her
She talks to people in questions and answers
Serious Christina, it's serious stuff
Surely there's something that she wants to say to us

Bleak Christina, has she no feeling
Is there someone trying to get out of
Bleak Christina, wait till you see her
She reads French with technique not emotion

Bleak Christina, senorita
She reads a book like she doesn't mean it
She'll learn about countries, never visit them
She won't do anything unless it's part of her plans
Bleak Christina, easy to forget her
Try to meet her but then why even bother her?

Seriously Christina, Christina why?
Track Name: Crystal Decadenz
Crystal decadenz, ease into freedom
Hold it, hit it
It's just like kindness to give many a try
Sitting up with the wind to the west
We've been hateful children in the past
Hating vulgarity, we hate our similarities
Tearing apart the day into abstracts

Poor guys they were
Quitting righteousness to seize the day
It's a waste to know only one thing well
Why call yourself zealous
It's the money man
Till the money goes away

Trust the word, throw yourself to the stone
The ground is wet, feel the beat of the sun
We hate when we're ruined by mourning
We hate when worries get in the way
Let it go, look what you've got
Later in life we'll know we'll have a lot
You've got a lot but your plot did not clot
Just think of this: This is what made us!

Christ blame the way you swell when the subject comes up
And it's the wretched land, it's the wretched land
Sing for decadenz
It's a lucid case, don't you want to live in a lucid place

Walk upstairs, we know it's for the best
We hate our choices, we like the rest
Crystal decadenz, we live in true decadenz
We find things and nurse them alive
Hold it, hit it
We walk past the same door every time
Track Name: U & I
You exhausted my tries with your savage uh rhetoric
Disjointed worries that you started me out with
You must be so ashamed, beyond all failures of doubt

You and I was quite confused
Well it was more I then it was more you

Well I too needs a resolution
You and I was quite ashamed

So that fertile field seen me in this wheel
All night with my jealous old friends
Well I was a sad thing, I couldn't get none
And I didn't get none in the end
Track Name: David
There's nothing wrong with my mom or dad
It's really sad
Cause there's nothing at all to talk about

Did your parents ever go to school
Just to sit down and follow the rule
Do you hate them?

Do you have thoughts that make you high?
Do you ever think the surface is so close,
You can break it if you only try?

Well you're not your mom or dad
And you know too many things
Don't you think you know too much
And we've become all the things
That they've warned us about

Your parents can't tell you what to do anymore
I can make you feel bad about it
You could regret me, that's no accident
Your parents they'd be laughing about it

Have imagination
You really make me cry
Your being so sure
I was paling with lie
A wallflower, I moved away
But one can't always avoid those problems
I had none of that crowd
Why are you so adjusted?
You make everyone gather round

I wanted to say that we have more ties
I wish I'd talked
Instead the room grew narrower
And so alone I sighed

Did you know you made me want to die
And Monday was the reason why
I wanted to say that we have more ties,
We have ties.